Alberta Provincial Trapshooting Association 

Memorial Category

A significant period of participation in the province:

-serving in local gun clubs

-participating in youth promotions

-otherwise serving or promoting the sport of trapshooting

For members who have served and passed; the trapshooting community through promotion, sportsmanship, and with good conscience and reputation. This section of the APTA Hall of Fame was added in November of 2016 after completion of registration of the APTA By-Law Updates and Revisions.

Members recorded and being honoured here in this category will be also be included on a permanent joint plaque mounted at the APTA Hall of Fame. More details of this category coming soon.

Nominating Procedure
Any member of the APTA is entitled to nominate an individual to the Hall of Fame.  The nomination must be in writing and be seconded by the signatures of at least five additional members of the APTA.  The nomination must be accompanied by a biography that evidences the nominee's eligibility for membership in the Hall of Fame and, if available, a photograph of the nominee suitable for display in the Hall of Fame.  If a photograph is not provided with the nomination, election to membership in the Hall of Fame will not be final until a photograph is provided.  Nominations must be received by the Secretary of the APTA not later than Sunday of the Provincial Tournament for a decision prior to the Provincial Tournament in the following year. Download a Nomination Form here.

Election Procedure
To become a member of the Hall of Fame a nominee must receive the votes of at least two-thirds of the Directors of the APTA during any Directors Meeting where a quorum of Directors may be present, or by mail in (non-electronic mail) ballot to the Secretary, whereby the Secretary will tabulate the votes and distribute results to the Board immediately upon receipt of all Directors ballots. Newly elected members of the Hall of Fame will be announced at the Annual Meeting held in conjunction with the Provincial Tournament

Recognition Procedure
The approved new member will be inducted at the following Annual General Meeting of the APTA, and added to the Hall as a shooter, contributor, or combination thereof, or as a memorial. The Shooter/Contributor’s will be recognized and installed into the Hall of Fame with a personalized profile plaque including some of the members’ details and a photograph. The memorial member will be recognized and installed into the Hall of Fame with a personalized shield, which will be added to a permanent Memorial Plaque containing all other memorial members.

                                                                        Hall of Fame Requirments PDF Download Here

                                                                                          Hall fo Fame Nomination Form Here

Where it is

The APTA Memorial Category

Our Mission

To build, enhance, support and sustain the APTA Hall of Fame, for the posterity of outstanding contributors to the sport of trapshooting in Alberta

Our Pledge

 The APTA Hall of Fame is also a place to recognize fallen trapshooters that have made a positive impact upon the sport and the people they have encountered during their shooting career...